David Evicted from Big Brother House!

David was evicted from the Big Brother house by a score of 7 to evict David, 5 to evict Elissa, and 0 to evict Jessie.  

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Spoiler Alert! Nominations, MVP Selection, and POV Results for Week 1

Here are the results for the first week of Big Brother 15! McCrae won HOH and the POV!   Elissa was voted MVP!     Candice was nominated by McCrae (HOH).     Jessie was also nominated by McCrae (HOH).     David was nominated by Elissa (MVP).      

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Jordan Evicted; Rachel Wins HOH Part 1

Porsche took herself off the block and evicted Jordan. Adam, Porsche, and Rachel then competed in the first part of the last HOH competition which was an endurance competition. Rachel stayed on the longest and has won the first part of the HOH competition. She will next compete against the winner of part 2 in […]

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Adam, Porsche, and Rachel – Possible Final 3?

Is this the Big Brother 13 Final 3? Now that Porsche has won the POV and Adam is the HOH, it looks like Porsche will evict Jordan.  Porsche will take herself off the block, then Rachel will go up on the block.  Porsche will then have the sole vote to decide who is evicted and […]

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Porsche Wins POV and a Guaranteed Spot in Final 3!

Porsche has won the Power Of Veto competition and is now guaranteed a place in the final 3.  Final 3 is now Adam, Porsche and either Rachel or Jordan.  It looks like Porsche may honor her deal with Rachel to keep her and evict Jordan.

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