Spoiler Alert! Nominations, MVP Selection, and POV Results for Week 1

Here are the results for the first week of Big Brother 15! McCrae won HOH and the POV!   Elissa was voted MVP!     Candice was nominated by McCrae (HOH).     Jessie was also nominated by McCrae (HOH).     David was nominated by Elissa (MVP).      

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Rachel Wins Big Brother 13! Porsche Gets Second Place and Jeff Wins America’s Favorite Houseguest

Rachel has won Big Brother 13! Rachel won the last HOH competition against Porsche by answering 2 out of 5 questions correct.  Porsche did not get any right.  Rachel then evicted Adam and took Porsche to Final 2 with her. Jury voted for Rachel to win 4-3: Brendon voted for Rachel Daniele voted for Porsche […]

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Jordan Evicted; Rachel Wins HOH Part 1

Porsche took herself off the block and evicted Jordan. Adam, Porsche, and Rachel then competed in the first part of the last HOH competition which was an endurance competition. Rachel stayed on the longest and has won the first part of the HOH competition. She will next compete against the winner of part 2 in […]

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Adam, Porsche, and Rachel – Possible Final 3?

Is this the Big Brother 13 Final 3? Now that Porsche has won the POV and Adam is the HOH, it looks like Porsche will evict Jordan.  Porsche will take herself off the block, then Rachel will go up on the block.  Porsche will then have the sole vote to decide who is evicted and […]

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UNCONFIRMED: Kalia Evicted; Adam is HOH

It’s being reported tonight that Kalia was evicted from the Big Brother House and Adam has won the Head If Household. However, the feeds are off and the show will not air until tomorrow night.

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Shelly Evicted; Rachel Wins HOH

Shelly has been evicted from the Big Brother house by a score of 2-1. Rachel and Jordan voted to evict Shelly while Kalia voted to evict Adam. The Head Of Household competition was a physical competition that asked houseguests to retrieve the most number of donuts while running back and forth through a sticky obstacle […]

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Porsche Wins HOH – Two Competition Victories in the Same Day

Porsche is the new Head Of Household.  She had been practicing the competition last night and had been very good at it. It proved to be true today with her winning.

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Daniele Sent Packing From Big Brother House! Double Eviction Results

Daniele was evicted from the Big Brother House by a score of 3-2. Votes to Evict Daniele: Jordan Adam Rachel Votes to Evict Kalia: Shelly Porsche Double Eviction Results: Kalia wins HOH Nominates Rachel and Jeff Porsche wins POV Keeps nominations the same Jeff is evicted by Kalia breaking a 2-2 tie Votes to evict […]

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Jeff – Possibly One of the Worst Big Brother Players Ever?

Today, Jeff has nominated Kalia and Porsche for eviction and has not nominated Daniele.  What’s his reasoning behind it? He wants Daniele to go home, but wants to backdoor her. Really? She can play for the veto even if not nominated because of her prize last week in the POV competition. This means if she […]

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Jeff Wins HOH

Jeff has won the Head Of Household competition!

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