Daniele is the New HOH

Daniele is the new Head Of Household.  She was the last one to stay on skis during the HOH endurance competition. Order of competition: Adam & Lawon Brendon Jeff Jordan Porsche Shelly Kalia Daniele

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Rachel is the New HOH!

Rachel has won the HOH competition!

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Jordan is the New HOH!

Jordan is the new Head Of Household!

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Rachel is HOH; Three Houseguest Duos Return

Rachel becomes the HOH! The returning HGs are Brendon & Rachel,  Jeff & Jordan, and Evel Dick & Daniele.

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Monet is Evicted; Matt wins HOH

By a score of 7-2, Monet is evicted from the BB House! HOH Competition: The HG that stays on a surfboard the longest wins. Matt wins HOH. Enzo, Brendon, Andrew, and Ragan are Have-Nots.

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Annie is Evicted; Rachel Wins HOH

By a vote of 10-0, Annie is evicted unanimously! Annie is the Saboteur! HOH Competition: HGs must choose A or B and must be with the majority of what other HGs have picked. Rachel wins HOH and beats Britney and Money in last round.

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Season Premiere of Big Brother 12

HOH Competition: Last member of first team to ride a hot dog across wins HOH. HOH Winner: Hayden

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