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Big Brother 12 Spoilers: TMZ “Big Brother Cry-Baby’s Star-Studded Apology”

Nothing says “I’m sorry” like naming a celestial object after the girl you cyber-cheated on — which is why bawl-my-eyes-out Brendon from “Big Brother” just threw down $109 to christen the star, “Rachel Reilly.”     According to the International Star Registry, Brendon got the appropriate paperwork in order this week — certifying the star’s […]

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Watch This: ‘Big Brother 12’ Contestant Brendon’s Naked Photo Scandal

OMG! This is the most hilarious thing I’ve seen in WEEKS. The video is EPIC. The patheticness that is Brendon Villegas from Big Brother 12 made this apology video to his crazy, tequila-lovin showmance girlfriend Rachel Reilly. Apparently, he was chatting with three different random chicks online and sent naked photos of himself to all […]

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Brendon Wins POV!

POV: Brendon

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Andrew and Kathy Nominated

Nominations for eviction: Andrew and Kathy

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Monet is Evicted; Matt wins HOH

By a score of 7-2, Monet is evicted from the BB House! HOH Competition: The HG that stays on a surfboard the longest wins. Matt wins HOH. Enzo, Brendon, Andrew, and Ragan are Have-Nots.

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Rachel in Pool

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Rachel Nominates Matt

POV Ceremony: Britney takes herself off the block and Rachel nominates Matt to go up.

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Britney Wins POV!

POV: Britney

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Britney and Monet Put Up on the Block

Rachel nominates Britney and Monet for eviction. Brendon, Britney, Monet, and are Have Nots

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Annie is Evicted; Rachel Wins HOH

By a vote of 10-0, Annie is evicted unanimously! Annie is the Saboteur! HOH Competition: HGs must choose A or B and must be with the majority of what other HGs have picked. Rachel wins HOH and beats Britney and Money in last round.

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