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Big Brother 9 “Matty” Pleads Guilty to Drug Charges Faces 20 years …

Good old Mathhew McDonald has “pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute Oxycodone in connection with the giant drug ring” What giant drug ring? Apparently it’s Big Daddy Balla (Adam Jasinski) himself, using his Big Brother winnings to finance this lucrative business venture. Matt will be sentenced in April.  Thanks Chessie_K for the link to the […]

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Big Brother – Steven Daigle Gay Porn Star Battle Royale

Place: West Holloywood Time: Monday night Participates: Big Brother 10 Gay Coyboy turned XXX porn actor, Steven Daigle Vs. ex-lover / XXX co-star, Locke Actions: Steve arrested for kicking the shits into the other guy Aftermath: Steve is in jail.. if you have 20grand he could use the bail money. TMZ: Source Onlinebigbrother.com is around […]

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers: TMZ reports – Dan Gheesling Proposed at a High School Football Game

Dan Gheesling — the guy who won “Big Brother 10″ — scored another reality victory this weekend when he popped the question to his GF during a high school football game … and she said yes!     It all went down Saturday night, when Dan — an asst. coach at St. Mary’s Prep in […]

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Mark Long’s YouTube interview with Britney Hayes – Why wasn’t Britney wearing her ring?

“Hotel Talk Show” – Mark Long’s Sits Down with Big Brother 12’s Britney Hayes in Fayetteville Parts 1 – 3 Nakid Reality’s Mark Long (MTV) met up with Britney at Hill Place in Fayetteville, AR and asked all the questions everyone wanted to know including… Why wasn’t Britney wearing her ring. Watch this Nakid Reality […]

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‘Big Brother’ Brendon Villegas’ Online Affair Was With A Man!

From: http://pwspoilers.com/big-brother-brendon-villegas-online-affair-was-with-a-man=3324

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Big Brother Spoilers: Think Big Brother madness is over?

Think Big Brother madness is over? See what’s in store for fans like you. Enjoy access to your favorite reality stars of Big Brother and Survivor with daily live call-in shows. This week chat with Britney, Kristen, Janelle Jordan      Big Brother Live Events Calendar:Sign-up today for your RISK FREE – 3 Day Trial! […]

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Pamela Anderson to Enter The Big Brother House… in India

India’s Version of Big Brother called Big Boss will have Pamela Anderson joining the remaining 10 houseguests. Big Boss now in it’s 4th season is looking for a ratings boost to keep fueling it’s massive popularity. In 2008 one houseguest was diagnosed with cancer on the show resulting in a huge boost in ratings for […]

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From Olympics to Oil: Yahoo! looks back at top searches

The page you requested has moved or no longer exists. We apologize for the inconvenience. You can search for the content by typing in keyword(s) in the search bar just under the logo on this page. If you still cannot find what you are looking for, please use our Web site help forum. You’ll find […]

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Survivor 21: Infants vs Senior Citizens: Fetuses Gone Wild!

This was a a three-hour telecast, so we have a lot to discuss. Buckle up for safety. Dan: “This tribe might think I’m a weak link, but I don’t consider myself a weak link.” He also thinks he’s entertaining, that acting like one of the Sopranos is amusing, thought that $1600 alligator shoes would be […]

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BIG BROTHER 12 Molly Shephard SCANDAL!! Brendon caught j*rking off for another girl …several girls ..BRENCHEL is no more!

EXCLUSIVE TO ZACKTAYLOR.CA:   Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly from Big Brother 12 have split after Brendon was caught j*rking-off on webcam for another girl!!   An aspiring model named Molly Shephard Tweeted Rachel telling her that Brendon was masturb*ting on webcam for her the other night, which lead the two reality stars to have […]

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