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Maratona de provas na reta final do ‘BBB’. Boninho conta tudo

Cadastre-se Login Tornar Globo Online a sua página inicial Adicionar Globo Online aos seus favoritos Aumentar fonte Diminuir fonte From: http://oglobo.globo.com/cultura/kogut/posts/2011/03/13/maratona-de-provas-na-reta-final-do-bbb-boninho-conta-tudo-368270.asp

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Brendon and Rachel from ‘Big Brother 12’ Engaged to Be Married

Brendon and Rachel from “Big Brother 12” are now getting married. Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly are now engaged, just a short time after it seemed like the relationship had reached its apex. It’s  odd news, because this relationship seemed doomed after it was revealed that Brendon had apparently sent nude photos of himself to […]

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Adam Jasinskis’ starring in Big Brother Brooklyn – Prison Love Edition

Heres a recap of how Adam Jasinski Winner of Big Brother 9 got to play in a Brooklyn Detention Centre. Adam was arrested on 17 Oct 2009 for attempting to sell a sock full of Oxycodone pills to a government informant. When confronted by Drug Enforcement agents big Balla resisted arrest and threw the sock […]

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Rachel And Brendon’s Dream Wedding Needs your Help.. “It’s a Modern fairytale”

Back in February Brendon and Rachel became engaged and shortly after ring pics emerged. Now they are trying to get their dream wedding paid for by Crate and Barrel. These 2 are perfect for each other withBrendon’s webcam love affair and Rachel’s Death Grip on a wad of 100s In the contest each couple had […]

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Past Big Brother Houseguests Kristen Bitting and Nick Starcevic Hooking up

Not every Big Brother Alumni is doing outrageous things like J*rking off to dudes on webcams or Eating a mouthful of A$$ on a playboy reality show. Some are living normal post BB lives dating each other and keeping their BB mojo within the BB gene pool. Nick Starcevic has now dated 3 ex Big […]

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Spoilage – Rachel Reilly’s Engagement Ring

Looks like the rumors are true Rachel Reilly of Big Brother 12 is engaged to the Brendon Villegas aka the Neanderthal thats “nai-ander-TALL” for all you non Phds. So whats next for the young couple? Looks like they are moving to LA, we’ll probably see them this year on Big Brother 13 and most likely […]

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Recap: The Real Housewives of Miami Premiere

Ragan Fox,  Feb 23, 2011 Editor’s Note: Guest blogger Ragan Fox was the self-described “token gay” from Big Brother 12. He is a superfan of The Real Housewives franchise who loves every iteration of the series, even D.C. Now that is brand loyalty. Before I decimate the ladies of Me-ah-me, you should know and PRECIATE […]

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Big Brother 11 Michele Noonan eating A$$ on Foursome

Michele Noonan on FoursomeUploaded by slashnude. – Watch feature films and entire TV shows. In September we found out that Big Brother 11 Neurodork was going to be on Foursome. Heres a video clip from the show… Foursome is a reality show produced by playboy it gathers 2 guys and 2 girls, they are left […]

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Hayden Moss, Lane Elenburg and the undertaker at STEAMBOAT Part 2

Big Brother 12 Hayden Moss Steamboat Some More Hayden Moss, Lane Elenburg and Gunter Elenburg at STEAMBOAT. Check out the last series of pictures at Steamboat Steamboat 1Steamboat 2Steamboat 3Steamboat 4   Check us out on Twitter @bigbspoilers Onlinebigbrother.com Related Posts: From: http://www.onlinebigbrother.com/2011/02/hayden-moss-lane-elenburg-and-the-undertaker-at-steamboat-part-2/

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Hayden Moss, Lane Elenburg and the undertaker at STEAMBOAT

Throughout Big Brother 12 Lane and Hayden would talk about Steamboat resort in Colorado. Hayden was under the impression that if he kept talkign about Steamboat that they would give him freebies during the winter. Hayden and Lane planned to go and party with Enzo and Britney at the resort after the show ended. Heres […]

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