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Has HOH Frank made a huge mistake with his Big Brother 14 eviction nominations? Should he have put up Dan instead of Wil and Joe? Will he decide to backdoor Dan with his POV victory? Warning, Big Brother 14 spoilers ahead.

On BBDish, we are happy to report that Frank won POV this week. In fact, he’s thinking about backdooring Dan but Boogie doesn’t want him to. Isn’t it better to get another coach out? Or does Boogie think that will upset the “Silent Six” which is Shane, Danielle, Britney, Boogie, Dan, and Frank. He doesn’t want Frank to betray the alliance but what about Ian? Why isn’t he part of that alliance?

According to the overnight report, although Frank tells Ian he is leaning towards keeping the nominations the same, Frank is still considering putting Dan up as the ReNom.  Wil and Ashley had a conversation with Frank last night, and as far as they and Jenn are concerned, Dan being backdoored is a done deal.  They even had quite the Storage Room happy dance over it..  Frank got up for a minute earlier today, and looked out from the HoH Big Brother landing, perhaps in search of Boogie, but finding no one, he went back to sleep…  until right now.

Astrochicks thinks the Frank and Boogie under estimate the Big Brother 14 alliance between the “weaker players” Ian, Ashley, and Jenn. They represent a solid voting block. If they team up with those three, they could definitely make it to the final five. Personally, we would love to see Ian in the BB14 final three.  If we had to choose, we think the final three would be Frank, Ian, and Britney. With either Frank or Ian winning Big Brother 14.

On August 31st, we will have a full moon in Pisces will definitely send some weird vibes in the Big Brother 14 house. High emotions and drama, with the house guests all ready to go home. After all, living in that house for 2 to 3 months must drive you bonkers. Stay tuned to find out if Frank backdoors Dan, but even if he does, won’t Joe get evicted anyway? Stay tuned.




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