Misa & Maiya Tanaka Eliminated From Amazing Race 20 In Episode 1 Tonight


Misa Maiya Tanaka eliminated from Amazing Race 20 in episode 1 tonight. According to ontheflix, Amazing Race 20 debuted its first episode earlier tonight,and two,hot,Asian chicks had to say goodbye. What a shame. It kicked off with a brief intro of the teams,which revealed that Big Brother 12 and 13′s Rachel and Brendon were one of the teams.

Even though they’re annoying, I think they are one of the stronger teams in this setting,because they love to compete. After all that, the teams had to find their first clue within a field,filled with tons of miniature hot-air balloons. After they found it,they had to head to LAX airport to catch a flight to Santa Barbara, Argentina.

Once they arrived in Santa Barbara,they had to make their way to an airport,where they hit a Road Block. In the road block, one of the team members had to find out where the other team member landed after they skydived out of a plane,to get their next clue.

Once they completed that, they headed to another area of town to get their next clue,which required them to make 120 perfect empanadas. One half of them were meat and the other half them were cheese empanadas.

After completing that challenge,the teams were told to go to the pit stop for this leg of the race. Rachel Dave showed up first,and won the express pass,which gave them the option to skip a challenge in the future without incurring a penalty. Brendon Rachel arrived in 2nd place,J.J. Art arrived in 3rd place, Jamie Nary arrived in 4th place, Vanessa Ralph arrived in 5th place.

Andrew Elliot arrived in 6th place, Stacy Kerri arrived in 7th place, Dave Cherie arrived in 8th place,Mark Bopper arrived in 9th place ,Danny Joey arrived in 10th place,and Misa Maiya showed up dead last,so they had to bounce. Unfortunately,they just had to many mistakes right from the jump.

They were last to find the very first clue with the hot-air balloons. Then Maiya got her car stuck in the sand on the plane challenge,and luckily found someone to pull her out,but wasted a lot of time. However,the killer,was when they missed the pit stop by inches,and let someone else swoop in,and take the final spot. It was just very bad for them. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.



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