Big Brother 12 Updates: Porsche wins 2nd part! 8:30 pm BBT, Sat 9-10-11


Big Brother 12 Updates: Porsche wins 2nd part! 8:30 pm BBT, Sat 9-10-11


8:30 BBT

The feeds are back and it looks like Porsche has won the 2nd part of the HOH. Rachel is helping Porsche fix her owies in the bathroom as Adam looks on. He jokingly asks them who is taking him to the finals. It sounds like it was a comp involving water and goggles. (Hmmm, they all look dried off and warm…) Adam is feeling a little down on himself as usual. The girls fix food. Adam paces saying who comes up with these f**** games? Porsche asks if you ever thought it was going to be a maze? Rachel thought it was going to be a puzzle. Adam says he was practicing holding his breath. Rachel says she was so nervous for both of them, she heard something like—water safety people. Adam wonders where they come up with these comps.


Wonder if I need mouth to mouth. Food fixing continues for a while. Adam hopes it doesn’t take too long to clean up. It did look really cold out there. There was a fishy swimming in the pool. Adam says Jeff would be awesome at that, he would hang around underwater all day, Brendon would, too, says Rachel. Adam says, well I found another cut. He goes to the fridge and says f** this I’m having another beer. And so he does.

Wishful hoping for a movie or something. Adam says I love that button… Well, that’s the last physical competition of the summer. WBRB Porsche says Oh my stomach hurts. Rachel asks her if she wants some Sangria and she says yeah. Says everything hurts. Rachel and Porsche and Adam cheer with their frosty mugs to final 3. Adam says I don’t care what anyone says you 2 are beasts– competitive strong women, no one can say you both don’t deserve to be there. Next time with Julie will be our last. Last time we pack. We’ll be leaving here forever. All Stars next summer. Adam compliments himself on his social game—he thinks it was one of the better ones of all time. Rachel thinks he could be asked back for All Stars– me, Porsche, Kalia, Dominick for sure. Rachel says maybe you’ll win America’s favorite juror—Adam says does that mean you’re not taking me? Rachel says that’s not what I meant at all.

It is 9:00 in the BB house and the guests are snacking and drinking around the table. Still kidding, visiting, having a good time.

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