‘Big Brother 13′ Review: Week Five Eviction


This week’s eviction provided for two loony nominees, one investigator in Shelly, and small a minority of happy campers due to one former house guest’s return.

Most recent nominee, Lawon is one incredibly silly player for thinking that he had a 99 percent chance of returning to the house. Host, Julie Chen did not give out percentages or give any previous detail as to what chance the evictee would get to return. It’s one thing to see for yourself where your bad judgment and acting get you but America saw where this led Lawon. He will never live this down. In fact, he made one of the worst moves in Big Brother history. In what was supposed to be his disappointed state after the POV ceremony, Lawon said, “I would not volunteer” in the kitchen, which naturally sparked Shelly’s interest in the situation. So she went digging and asked Kalia if Lawon volunteered where a trusting Kalia answered truthfully. Shelly’s strategy of receiving as much information and feeding it in pieces to everyone in the house is working very well for her. She may seem like a floater to Rachel but Shelly is working it more than any other newbie right now.

“I have a feeling I’m going to regret this but I vote to evict Lawon.” – Daniele

Shelly also said it best when she mentioned that Rachel is unstable and will do anything to stay in this game. Rachel was just as offbeat in her thinking as Lawon was this week, going to update Jeff and Jordan on her status with Daniele and Kalia right after she agreed not to talk about the discussion (which included a deal) that she had with the two ladies. It was unclear if the deal was done after that even though Dani and Kalia were clearly upset, but with a certain house guest back in the house, it is more than likely safe to say that the deal is officially off. By a unanimous vote, Lawon was evicted from the Big Brother house, leaving him to battle it out with America’s Choice evictee (after 2 million votes), Rachel’s fiance, Brendon.

Not surprisingly, Brendon completed the competition (with much and some would say, unfair guidance from Rachel) in about half the time it took for Lawon to even come close to completing it and was welcomed back into the Big Brother house with a big hug from Rachel and awkward stares from the rest of the house. Jeff and Jordan seemed particularly excited, but the rest of the house was clearly disappointed, as am I… and most of America. Was the show rigged? Could enough people actually cast enough votes for Brendon to return? What a nightmare. Did the people who voted for Brendon to return take into account the number of people who would stop tuning in because this season is all about Rachel and Brendon, which is not at all entertaining? Kalia may have made a misguided move in putting Lawon on the block but America, or whoever possibly rigged the votes this week made an even more unfortunate decision in bringing back one of the least liked players of the game ever. Does anyone else agree that this is the worst season of Big Brother?

Favorite Moment: Viewers received an update from Rachel’s friends and former house guest enemies, Ragan and Matt (Big Brother 12).

Big Brother 13 airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8/7c and LIVE on Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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