Adam, Porsche, and Rachel – Possible Final 3?

Is this the Big Brother 13 Final 3?

Now that Porsche has won the POV and Adam is the HOH, it looks like Porsche will evict Jordan.  Porsche will take herself off the block, then Rachel will go up on the block.  Porsche will then have the sole vote to decide who is evicted and it appears she is leaning towards evicting Jordan.

We know that Rachel made a deal earlier this week stating that if Rachel did not evict Porsche and instead evicted Kalia since Rachel was the HOH and therefore had the deciding vote, that Porsche would evict Jordan and not Rachel if Porsche won the POV. Well, Rachel voted out Kalia and has held up her end of the deal so we will see what Porsche does. In addition, Jordan has pretty much ignored Porsche and has not spoken to her much. Porsche and Rachel were good friends earlier in the season. Most importantly, it looks like they are all realizing how dangerous Jordan really is and that Jordan will probably win the $500K no matter who she is sitting next to on finale night.

We will see what Porsche does on Thursday!

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