Jeff Unknowingly Throws POV to Porsche – Actually Uncovered Both Clown Shoes First


Yes, you read it right.  Jeff actually found both clown shoes before Porsche during the double eviction episode, but didn’t even know it.  When he was throwing balls out of the ball pit, he accidentally threw one of the shoes out, too, as the below screen captures will show.   Guess you could say he really threw this POV!

Jeff (ball pit at far left) throwing a clown shoe out of the pit. The yellow shoe can be seen in mid-air.


Jeff finds second clown shoe while first one is sitting outside ball pit to the left.


Jeff begins to run back to base with second clown shoe while first one is sitting outside ball pit to the left.
All this is well before Porsche has found the second shoe.
Jeff still searching for second shoe while it is just sitting outside the ball pit to the left of him.

Fascinating!  Jeff could have still won the POV and taken himself off of the block!

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