Jeff – Possibly One of the Worst Big Brother Players Ever?


Today, Jeff has nominated Kalia and Porsche for eviction and has not nominated Daniele. ¬†What’s his reasoning behind it? He wants Daniele to go home, but wants to backdoor her. Really? She can play for the veto even if not nominated because of her prize last week in the POV competition. This means if she wins the POV this week, she can take Kalia or Porsche off the block and force Jeff to put one of his own alliance members up. The funniest thing about this is that Jeff is fully aware of this, but figures, so what? Then Porsche will go home. Yeah, true, but you just left in Daniele and Kalia and you know they are gunning for you, Jeff.

Not surprising coming from this guy who rarely can stick with his alliance members and starts believing the crazy nonsense that Jordan puts in his ear. The biggest example is when Jeff and Jordan started believing the lies coming from known liars Natalie and Kevin in BB11 and then they evicted their own alliance member, Russell! They knew Natalie and Kevin were done for and would try anything to stay in the game and they believed them! Incredible!

Well, this season isn’t much different with him not working to save Brendon and on purpose throwing the veto competition. It seems Brendon and Rachel were working to save Jeff early in the season to their own detriment with Daniele, but Jeff and Jordan do not reciprocate with them. It’s supposed to be an alliance, but with Jeff it becomes a poor one. He typically believes the liars! This year, the big liar is Shelly and he is on board.

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