‘Big Brother 13’ Recap: Episode 16, Lawon Is Evicted And Brendon Returns


Big Brother 13 Recap: Episode 16 – The Twist (8/11/11)

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Summary: Lawon is evicted and Brendon returns.

As someone who despises Rachel, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Lawon might actually deserve to be evicted out of sheer idiocy. He put himself on the block and literally asked to be evicted. And why?

LAWON (confessional) – I have a 99% chance of coming back with super powers. I made
the boldest move in the history of the Big Brother house. Get ready for
the performance of a lifetime.

Cut to…

JULIE CHEN – There is no special power.

[Audience laughs.]

JULIE CHEN – I know.

Lawon’s plan is to “act” aka lie and insist that he never volunteered for the block. This might work except for the fact that he is literally the worst liar who ever lived. Even Shelly sniffs it out immediately. Kalia considers keeping Rachel around.

KALIA – I need to have someone on the block who can come back and not be gunning for me.

But then she remembers that Rachel is a devious wretch with a big mouth. Hmm, this one’s gonna be hard. Randomly (to kill time), Julie Chen presents us with an update from Ragan from Big Brother 12. Ragan, as you may or may not remember, was a vocal enemy of Rachel’s, but he now reveals that once the show wrapped, they became super great friends. So super great, in fact, that he is part of her wedding party. Suffice to say, I’m extremely disappointed in you, Ragan. Although your description of Rachel’s Big Brother game is regrettable accurate.

RAGAN – She’s like a killer at the end of a slasher movie. She just Keeps. Coming. Back.

The house votes to evict Lawon by a landslide shutout of 6 to 0, but Julie reveals the twist to the houseguests — the evicted houseguests (Cassi, Keith, Brendon and Dominic) have been sequestered separately, and America has voted for who they want back in the game. That person is Brendon, who must battle it out with Lawon in the backyard in a game (also a ballin’ song) called That’s How We Roll. Players must roll a bunch of balls (skee ball style) into a chute. On the balls are the names of the original 14 houseguests, and the player with the most in 3 minutes is the winner. Despite his bitchin’ red knee socks, Lawon gets dropped like a punk. Lawon, buddy, you got what you deserved. And Brendon, as much as it kills me to say this, you deserve to be back. Welcome back to The Brenchel Show, America. Happy now?

SumOlogy: I’d forgotten how thick Cassi’s southern accent is. You couldn’t cut that thing with a lightsaber.

Score: 8/10

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