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Just as in previous seasons, the “Big Brother 12” cast was secluded in the BB house without any outside contact. This cast was a bit more fun and surprising than the previous cast members, which made the contests and challenges to determine power and receive luxuries interesting.

  1. Andrew Gordon is a 39 year old podiatrist from Miami Beach, Florida. He lasted in the house until day 27. Andrew was known for getting annoyed with people who acted immature and childish. This Jewish father came into the house, knowing he was going to miss his daughter.
  2. Annie Whittington was the “Big Brother 12” cast member saboteur. This meant that if she could stir trouble and play pranks on the house guests without the house guests knowing it was her, and last five weeks before getting evicted, she would win $50,000, but she was evicted on day one.
  3. Brendon Villegas was part of the “Big Brother 12” cast “show-mance.” He went on to last until day 55, so close to winning. Even though the house hated him and he was all alone after his girlfriend, Rachel, was evicted, he fought on.
  4. Brittney Haynes, the bubbly blonde that much of America hoped to see win, lasted until the top four. This 22 year old hotel sales manager played a game filled with integrity and honesty, a rarity in reality game shows.
  5. Enzo Palumbo filled the house with humor. As it was, his accent was enough to make the other “Big Brother 12” cast  members laugh and joke about him, but he always took it and laughed with them. He played with minimum lies and held true to his alliance until he was evicted on day 75, after being in the top three with his alliance.
  6. Hayden Moss, age 24, won Big Brother 12 and $500,000. Hayden had a small “show-mance” with Kristen, but ended up being a part of voting her out. He played a good game and was, in fact, respected by the housemates as well as most of America.
  7. Kathy Hillis, age 40, was the “Big Brother 12” cast Deputy Sheriff. Though she was an easy target and sometimes annoyed the house guests, she never played a dirty game with them, and lasted until day 48.
  8. Kristen Bitting was the second half to the show-mance with Hayden Moss. Kristen was voted out on day 34; not too long after a fight with Rachel.
  9. Lane Elenburg, the good ole boy from Texas, sat alongside Hayden as one of the last two “Big Brother 12” cast members. Though he lost out to Hayden, he walked away with $50,000.
  10. Matt Hoffman was a member of Hayden’s alliance, called the Brigade. To the Brigade, Matt was the weakest member. He was the first member of the alliance to be voted out on day 55.
  11. Monet Stunson also took part in a cat fight with Rachel. It seemed as if Monet didn’t have much of a plan in the game, however, and was partly a forgettable “Big Brother 12” cast member. She was evicted on day twenty.
  12. Rachel Reilly is quite possibly the most memorable “Big Brother 12” cast member, either because you absolutely loved her, or absolutely hated her. Between her controlling manner over her boyfriend, Brendon, her obnoxious laugh, and her random moments when she would lash out at house guests, it was easy for America to hate her. However, Rachel played an amazing game, pulling herself and Brendon out of the fire many times, making it easy to love her. Eventually, she was evicted on day 41.
  13. Ragan Fox was another “Big Brother 12” cast member. Ragan played an amazing game, again with integrity and loyalty, lasting until day 62. This 34 year old college professor, though sometimes nerdy, played his game with strategy and honesty.

-Casey Holley


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