Big Brother 12 Updates: Hump day 5:00 PM BBT Wed Tue 7-20-11


Big Brother 13 Updates: Hump day 5:00 PM BBT Wed Tue 7-20-11

5:05 pm BBT

Kalia and Jordan go up in the hoh. Jordo is telling her conversation she had with Rachel. Jordan stating to R of who do we get out next. The plan was Dom…but Rachel is side stepping and saying that they think Law has to go next. Jordan get in the but with her bathing suit. Talk of they think its weird calling each other brother and sister. (horrible echo Kalia is taking with her mouth full of food). We get palms….

(maybe fixing the audio…let’s hope or Alfred is not going to be a happy camper….and you know how Alfred can get…well…actually you don’t…..its not pretty). They came back for a minute and not fixed…palms…..hmmm better.

Kalia is telling about Cassi downstairs. She was quiet. Shelly was there. Rachel comes in looks at her hair in the mirror and says how she likes it that way. Then Rachel says, I wouldn’t trust anyone you have deals with. (not sure who R said that too) the person says what do you mean? I just wouldn’t trust anyone. We get palms……for a few then we come back Jordan says, I know it will happen, but we want to be the people to do it. More palms…..we come back to Jordan shaving and talking about the shaving and more palms. We are back to hear the tub drain and talk of Lawon. Kalia can not trust him.

Hammock. Rachel and Porsche are swaying. Talk of being slop. Porsche says its not normal to be on slop for 2 weeks (huh?). Rachel says yes, she has it all planned out that is getting hoh so she will be able to eat what is in her basket she has already asked for lean cuisine in her basket. We are sent to the other part of the yard to listen to Adam and Jeff. Jeff tells Dani she doesn’t look well. Jeff says so how do you think that message was directed to when…..and the damn palms again!!!  WHAT MESSAGE?? Come back….tell me.

We come back but no talk of a message. Talk of how long will they be in there. Adams says we moved in July 2 and out…Rachel says Sept 16. (no I believe it is Sept 15) they have now settled on sept 14. Adams says they have to be there until the 22nd or 23rd (oh sure we can hear this but not the message), then the palms…Now talk of a…….Law says be quiet,just be quiet you know what is going to happen, (yes we know…palms or fish…they must be getting a real talking to when we get them…lol)


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