Big Brother 12 Updates: Getting ready for the BIG show 5:00 PM BBT Thur 7-21-11


Big Brother 12 Updates: Getting ready for the BIG show 5:00 PM BBT Thur 7-21-11

5:00 pm BBT

HGs are getting ready for the live show. Living room. Dani, Benden, Law, Adam, Dom, Porsche and Brenden. Dani gets up and goes in the pop room where Kalia and Jordo are getting ready. Misc convo in each room

HN room Cassi and Shelly are talking. Rachel comes in and interrupts. For some stupid reason. Talking about Kalia, that she does a sex column. Shelly wonders if who else has secrets. Cassi says that I think everyone has some kinda of secrets. They think JJ are straight up. We came in middle of the convo but she is telling Shelly about her agency and her booker. How her dad told her she should tell them what you are doing (BB) (appears she told Shelly that she is a model). When she told them they weren’t too hot on the idea….they were afraid  she might have a hard time getting jobs….and we get palms. We come back Cassi is talking she cant wait to find out stuff on everyone when she gets out. Talk of Kalia that she might come from money…how she throws stuff around and snobby. They wonder what JJ are hiding (my bet is nothing). Talk of how Jordan flies under the radar. Shelly says she doesn’t want to be a floater (hmm you aren’t you have been in a alliance with the vets from day 1 from what I have seen) She
goes on to say how hard she works and how great she is and Cassi tells asks her so they know (the job). Oh yeah. She says do you know the name of Tony’s company? (her husband) she fakes spells on the bed and his name and what she spelled .com (not sure she is going to what to talk to you when she finds out you screwed her over)

Bathroom Law and Dani are in front of the mirror. Talk of shelly, so you think she knows. Yeah, she knows she is staying, but she is still stressed out. (yeah it’s a act) Kalia comes in and its Kalia time. Brenden comes in at gets in the shower. Back to misc convo….joking around . and Rachel joins. (because we know where Brenden travesl you know who is not far behind).

Dani is singing and BB tells her to stop (she isn’t very good..and that is me being very kind). Dani says Rachel, Brenden is very hot!.

CS come out of the HN room walk thru the living room Porshe and Dom on one couh. Jordan on the other. They all say Jordan you look so cute. Jordan is talking about how bad she feels this ear ly in the game making someone leave, its not like last time I got hoh later on and it wasn’t bad. Talk of Jordan and if she has a tempter, oh yeah, Jeff get tired of it real fast. Law walks thru, talking if he has a temper. Dom says he has one but it blows over fast. Kalia strolls thru. Dom doesn’t want to get dressy. He wants to leave the tshirt. They want him to. Adam walks thru. They Jordo says, ahhh Shelly you look so cute. She isn’t on camera have not clue

 All HGs are now getting up and about soquickly back and forth getting ready for the big show….I cant keep up, I am spinning.

 R asks B what shirt is he wearing. Have a shot of Shelly she is looking good. Cassi is looking really good. Dom is
brusthing his teeth. Porsche joins the crowd in the bathroom for minute. Dom says you look so hot I can’t wait to see you when you are finished. But I think my hair is hot. Jeff comes in and Dom and him are talking smack talk. They are all out. Appears Dom and Cassi are In there alone. Dom says make sure you get my phone number and email from them tell them I am ok with it. He says at the end we can plan our chill party. She says, I think its already done. Dom: well we can plan our own and invite who I like or don’t like at that time. Dom whispers did Rachel say anything to you. NO. He says we did do our DR together…damn.

Jeff ponies up to the sink to wash his hands. The hairspray starts to fly everyone that walks thru is gagging. Dani says,  I cant even see. Law is looking at Cassi giving her the once over look nodding with the impression saying you look fine. (she does).

Rachel starts to sneeze and says I cant be in this room anymore. Rachel, Dani, Porsche primping now. Rachel is trying to snaze up Dani (they really jealous of cassi, its really sad). Rachel keeps saying that I cant take this, who
did this. Dani says both of them were spraying at the same time.

 5:30pm BBT

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