Big Brother 12 Updates: Adam and Cassi 6:00 PM BBT Wed Tue 7-20-11


Big Brother 13 Updates: Adam and Cassi 6:00 PM BBT Wed Tue 7-20-11

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6:00pm BBT

Cassi and Adam on the backyard couch smoking and talking about Shelly’s ankle.  Adam says, its like you said, 15 strangers and I had a game plan..but unfortunately that is what is going to end up hurting me. Cassi says what hurt
us is the way we came in here. Adam says keep this between us….. you are going to hear things about the things I was going to do and that is not what was going to do. She knows deals have been cut…just remember that when you leave here that you don’t want things that you do to follow you when you leave here.  Jeff walks up to get a drink also.  Small talk. Walks away. Adam starts to yell jersey and metal things to the backyard and to the camera (whatever).  Porsche comes and sits down with them. Misc convo. Cassi asks her did they give you any……and the fish are back (so long palms…nice knowing ya)

We come back and Jordan has joined the couch group. Cassi says she is going to get her bathing suit top back on for
the hot tub. Adam compliments Jordan’s tan. 

Pop room Brendan and Dani talking in their own beds. Talking about whispering….the ones that do not know how.
Brenden says and you on the other end of it…cant hear anything. She says, clearly when I am called out by BB for it. (yeah, stop it) Now talk of onstar…(do even ask how this convo started..not sure..we took a 180 here) Dani asks him do you miss your cell phone. He says not really. She says, some really do and some don’t. She isn’t going to lie…I do.   She is a texter.

Back to the back yard. Law Is on the machine Cassi in the hot tub. And we get the fishes. We came back for a moment, convo is about how muh weight lost. I think Porsche said that is like Cassi hanging on to you. Fish then back he is telling them what a average lunch was at wendy’d…wow!…then fish…then we come back to talk
to of they like steak and shake. More fish…back to the backyard…then more fish….Jordan moved to the chaise lounge and talking to Jeff…then more fish…(you see where we are going here don’t you ?)

6:30pm BBT

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