Big Brother 12 Updates: Did I hear that right? 3:00 PM BBT Tue 7-19-11


Big Brother 13 Updates: Did I hear that right? 3:00 PM BBT Tue 7-19-11

3:00pm BB

Dom, Dani and Kalia in the kitchen. He walks away . Talk of polishing nails. Kalia is talking about people in the house
that put there feet all over….like the counter. (not sure who she is talking). I think (not 100%) Kalia just asked if she is a lesbian and Dani says yes. Kalia says because is that a rainbow in your braclet. Dom re enters. They say Dom is so skinny. Then on Cassi how skinny she is, they wonder if she has a eating disorder. Law joins the group. Talk of what they have asked for. Nair, file, Sheers……we get palms. We come back and Kalia is telling them about a guy she
saw walking down the street she thinks he was gay. Dani says why do you think she was gay…He had to be, he had  these shorts that were so short….like Dani’s.  Dani says these aren’t short. Kalia goes on to say, these shorts were like bikini bottoms short. They all laugh……we get palms…come back to washing their face and how sensitive it is….(I should say Kalia…pretty much when I say “they” its Kalia….just a fyi for ya all)
Dani says lets move to the other room and finish our nails….after a few minutes we get palms. When get back Dani,Kalia,Law y moved to the living room….ah….where Dom is. (I get it now…but I don’t get it, is Dani crushing on Dom or not??)

(We have split feeds now…pool or living room..will stay in living room) Law and Kalia on one couch opposite ends. Dom laying on the other couch and Dani on the floor next to Dom.(hmmm I just don’t understand now) Talking about loving
others its all or nothing….then to messing with Dom. Kali talking about being a scorpion and me me me. 
Law does get in that scropians are very sexual. And Kalia starto to talk about her grandparents are both scorpions …..and we get palms (thank you)

Dom says I have never seen any girls do their nails so much. Law agrees.

Palms keep going in and out. Talk turns into words they have problems with. And Kalia takes over that topic also, she
is a writer you know. Adam walks thru and says, you doing your nails again. Dani tells him to shut up…..(well..) Back to words and Kalia is giving her list of what words she hates. Kalia gets up to take a shower (as long as we don’t have to follow). We appear to stay with Law and Dani. Law says we both have heart shape glasses. Dom comes back…he says he would like to get drunk in here. And shortly we get palms….. But yet, when we come back Dom is saying he is not much of a drinker. (????) He states he drinks about 5 times a month. Law says that’s a lot….Dani says that is not. Law says he is a wine drinker. Dom only likes to drink wine with food….certain food. Dani says you will like to more when you grow up. Law and Danis says they like wine, they prefer to get drunk on wine (not me….I could tell you a story about me and port…but I will spare you)

Brenden Adam come in and Brenden says he is trying to come up with his next america’s player move. More stupid jokes and trash talk. (oh great) Rachel comes in the living room more jokes and trash talk. Everyone else leaves. But the orginal 3 are still the living room. Brenden walks thru acting like a robot. They all start to talk like robots. Dani is calling Dom PT again. So it must be ok. (she was told no nicknames previously) Brenden comes thru  sits down and with sunglasses on and talking like a robot. Dani ask are you a conehead or a robot.
He says, a robot…..coneheads talk like this (he mimics the coneheads) I have to say it is amusing. Dani yells to Rachel how to shut him down. He goes on to say, you can’t. Dani says, I will take your motherboard out. B says if you take my motherboard I will have to take your fatherboard. Dom says you know everything. Brenen the robot agrees. ….on and on and on. Robot talk is going the same direction as all the convos…in the gutter.

Mr feeds sends me outdoors (thank you)

Cassi laying next to the pool . Jordan and I think Jeff laying in the loungers. Convo is about makeup….(guess
the two that are talking and the one that is quiet and sleeping….lol) Jordo is telling a cute story about work and
then we get palms could minute or two and back for a half a second and back to palms…..we come back to hair stories now. Then moves to when they graduated. Cassi was 2003 and Jordan 2005 (me….lets just leave that one alone) and what was the big thing with hair when they were in high school. …..and more palms. Come
back to clothes back then. Jordo is says her sister called her plain jane.


Are we having fun yet?…let me know when it starts, don’t want to be late.



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