Big Brother 12 Updates: TMI-please stop 4:00 PM BBT Tue 7-19-11


Big Brother 12 Updates: TMI-please stop 4:00 PM BBT Tue 7-19-11

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We are in the back yard with Jordan and Cassi talking about what girls talk about. Jordo tells her she dresses cute.
She says I haven’t really dressed her. J says what you wore on the live show was so cute. Cassi: thanks mama. And then the Palms save us. We come back to them talking about the time of the month and who flo has visited. And we get palms and we are back to pooping in public places. Palms…..and back and the convo has moved to farting…

(you see where this convo is going…the dumper… couldn’t resist)

Living room

Dom, Dani, Adam, RB, and Law. Just siting around. Kalia comes in. talk turns to Puma (not cougars..puma). and palms.


(A lot of palms…I need to switch it up a little Mr Feeds….bring on the fish. Maybe a little rotation with palms and
fish.. or maybe 2 feeds on the fish, and the other 2 on palms)

When we come back the all of them are milling about. All feeds in the backyard. There maybe a outside lockdown..not sure. Porshe is up and in the backyard walking around. Adam, Jeff and Dani on the couches outside. Brenden comes over and says you missed a good convo inside, but they broke it up..(hmmm….interesting)
Kalia joins them on the couches..then Rachel…. Then Porsche. Yes….it seems to be definitely an outside lockdown. .
Shelly and Cassi on the chaise lounge. Shelly is talking her lies again. I just hate this week. BB tells Cassi to put on her mic she says its own, maybe I should do it around my neck, she sadi they have been getting at me
all day about my mic…we get palms.

We come back and shelly says yesterday just threw me off my game and not the same since (really) Cassi is telling her about her convo she had with Jordo ealier (see prev posts by vic)…..palms.

Dom and Jordan siting at the pool. Talking about dating. Jordan is talking about guys she have dated. Stated she doesn’t really have a “type”. She is saying when we first came in here we didn’t think each other were soooo hot. But has we spent time together it just clicked.  Dom is really listening asking if you would have meet outside of this
house would you two would have ended up together…she doesn’t know. She is going on how comfortable they are together and because of who nice he is make him more attractive to me. She says in a past relationship I was jealous, but with Jeff its not like that. He is telling her about a girl he dated and she was really jealous. They both stated how when someone is jealous it make that preson more unattracted. Dom says I like Jeff, he seems like a goof ball…..She says he is. More talk of Jeffy.   Talk of what their plans are. She said we haven’t decided. She says, you don’t give up the goods without a commitment. Now talk turns to age. Dom cant believe he is 25 it feels like yesterday I was 18 (I can relate Dom….but tack a few more years on the 25).

Hot tub. 
Cassi and Shelly moved…. Shelly says, I am not going to lie to you (when did you stop?) but doesn’t finish. She
asks if Dom is voting for you. She doesn’t know. She says it doesn’t matter to go to individuals I have to go to the belly of the beast. (I love her phrases…will miss them) shelly says, regardless I am going to get your phone number and Cassi says I will get yours (I bet you don’t after you go home and watch the feeds like you said you would). Shelly asks her what do you want me to do. Nothing. Shelly says, in perfect world……no comment back…

and then palms.

Cassi says just 2 weeks and I had a summer vacation. Now I don’t know what I want to do. Shelly asks about what.
Cassi: about work and stuff. Cassi thinks she got bit by a ant. Shelly says, so what are you going to do. Talk about when she leaves they wont think about her. Shelly says, not you, if it was me well, yeah. Shelly says they wont forget they will all want to help, Cassi what do you mean? Cassi, your welome (when BB talks her to her she thanks them and they say your welcome).


We come back and Shelly says do you really think its one person. Cassi says yes. Shelly do yo really thing she has
that much power (talking about Porsche). Cassi says she hasn’t talk to me until yesterday. She doesn’t know if she feels bad for me, or she wants good tv or feels guilty on what she has done. Then says it’s a catch 22, even if I am
saved then you would have to go. Shelly says you don’t have to feel that way, If I am the one to go I would be the first person cheering you on.

Cassi says she thinks if I know it would was going to turn out this way would I have still come….she gives pros and cons to both ways. Now convo goes to how often Cassi showers and shaves….appears not often…not sure if it’s a thing she does or because of the cold showers. She hasn’t washed her hairs since the food comp. Cassi is explain to Shelly about Dom’s braclet and this girl that Dom says is just a friend gave it to him just before he came in to the house. And she thinks it was her way of peeing on him (marking her territory). Palms…

CS move over to the couches with the others. Rachel is talking about someone she doesn’t like at home (let me guess is it a female?)

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