Big Brother 12 Updates: Shelly comforting Cassi 6:30 PM BBT Sun 7-17-11


Big Brother 12 Updates: Shelly comforting Cassi 6:30 PM BBT Sun 7-17-11

630pm BBT

Tarot room. Shelly asks Cass if she is going to try and talk to JJ again. She said I think she is trying to avoid
me and she understands. Cassi goes on to say, that she wants to bring RB in here and say what is the real reason
you want me out and why are you going back on our deal?. And they will say that I am a strong competitor and she will say no I am not I haven’t won a damn thing.  Goes on to say that when she gets up and tries to give her a hug she will be no. shelly says she thinkgs it is so funny Cassi’s face when she looks at Lawon. They laugh bit. Cassi asks if she wants go outside. They got out to smoke.

We have the palms…but still have audio.Shellys says they have a new hammock. Video is back.

Talk moves on to talking trash about RB. Cassis says she isn’t a threat. Brendon is a competitor, he is a threat, but she isn’t anything…she is a snat.  And then says that they could turn on them….well who is they? Who is they?. Talk moves to RB will turn on JJ. shelly doesn’t see it happening, but if not of us can win hoh. Cassi says they will,, especially when they are singles.  They talk about DR and Shelly thinks do you think they ask them if that is the reason Rachel wants her out. Cassis says, yes, they ask me. Cassi says, if we could have only made it to singles. Shelly says they just see me as the mom. Shelly tells her that she hopes this crap ends for her, it just follows you(people treating her bad because she is pretty) Cassi says, but I don’t see myself that way. Now just joking around.

 Hoh room. Kalia is talking Jordan to death. She is throwing Law under the bus. Jordan says, that they want Cassi out
and then they want to get Law out. And then says then they want Porsche out. Kalia tells her that Porsche owes her. Butthen tells who Porsche came up to her and thanked her for her vote and she said Ididnt vote for you and if I did you don’t need to know that. 
Kalia goes on to say that Porsche thinks  there is a America’s Player. And we get palms…..

We come back and Kalia is telling her she told Cassi that I will do what I can but I cant campaign for you. Tells her of
the convo she had with Cassi. Going back and forth about how things play out and had Cassi came to JJ sooner. Jordan says I cant turn on my alliance and there is no point in keeping her, it is to early in the game. Kalia continues to tell her about the convo she had with Cassi. Kalia goes on to say that I just thought to myself I just knew I was not safe with these kids. And I wanted to be with people that I trust (yeah, and that will bite you back) …goes
on and on….then Jordan says, I told her it isn’t for the “other reason” and she knows she can trust Shelly.

And we get a palms

(I swear she is like the energizer bunny of talking…she doesn’t stop. )

Jodan says that if everything goes the way we want it will be Lawon and then Porsche , then you will have to find someone to be on our side. She goes on to say that Rachel came up and told her that they will have to get Dom out sooner because she thinks that he can win over JJ. Kalia says, she doesn’t have to win everything, it just puts a target.  Talk moves about backdooring. Kalia says, that Brenden is a bigger threat than Rachel. Telling Jordo that
how they hang all over each other and says that JJ don’t. on and on and on.

Kalia: AND WHEH WILL SHELLY GO OUT?, that is not someone you don’t at the end.

Kalia is really trying to grill Jordan….like she is the inner circle. She is going over the run down each week when each person will leave……too funny

 7:00pm BBT

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