Big Brother 12 Updates: The HGs are FREE 7:30 PM BBT Sat 7-16-11


Big Brother 12 Updates: The HGs are FREE 7:30 PM BBT Sat 7-16-11

7:30pm BBT

The outdoors is theirs again. BB open up the backyard. Most of the hg are just mulling around.

Hot tub Cassi, RB with their feet in. Little convo.

Jordan in Kalia’s bedroom just general convo Talk of her Spellman sweatshirt. Jordan asks can I wear one.. she says yes, but they may look at you funny. Jordan asks why only black. Historically its only been black, there was one white girl but she was from Australia or somewhere. Porsche comes in and asks them if they wants any food she made…or someone made it. Dom comes and they ask if he is working out…he says no, he is going to his office (hammock). Dom tells Jordan that to feel free to join him in his office whenever she wants. He leaves. Talk turns to beds and when bedrooms get locked when the peeps dwindle. Kalia asks her if the slop ever stops (no, not really…final 3-4…but you probably wont be around for that) Kalia says that she works out at home all the time but here not so much (hmm, not sure if I want to buy what you are selling) Rachel pops in to put her shoes on to work out. She leaves. Kalia asks her about after the show how long do they have to hang out. Maybe a couple of days. She ask Jordo
if she is going to vegas. No, but tells her she should go she will have fun. She went before and had fun but its not her thing. Jordan asks her about her rent cost in NY. 1,775. Then says by herself? Well, no her mom is a roommate but when she is short her mom covers her (interesting way to say I live with my parents). Jordan ask why is it so expensive to live there (ya just got to love that Jordan) Kalia moved to LA she got a roommate to reduce her expensive. She did not want her mom to help her anymore. On the form for BB they asked what was her proudest moment……when she was able to pay her rent without her mom’s help. Jordan talking about living at home. Kalia is bragging about her family and their degrees.

BY Dom in his office (hammock). Rachel is wacthing dani do crunches. Both cams are long shots. But can hear the hgs talking on the couches…kinda of. Now Rachel is sitting where dani was doig crunches and now she is watching her do touh your toes with weights… Rachel is doing it.

………………………………….Are we having fun yet, let me know when it starts…I dont want to miss it

8:00 pm BBT

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