Big Brother 12 Updates: Why did she do it? Mad at Rachel 4:00 PM BBT Sat 7-16-11


Big Brother 12 Updates: Why did she do it? Mad at Rachel 4:00 PM BBT Sat 7-16-11

4pm BBT

 We start at palms. And when we come back Shelly, JJ in the hoh room. Jeff is mad that Rachel messed everything up and took a 2 week slop. She is up there securing her spot with JJ while throwing Cassi under the bus stating she understand they have to do what they need to do and that she will keep a low
profile (for the massacre). Cassi knocks on the door. She comes in and Shelly says I will give you some quiet time.  Cassi says is everything ok.? Jordan says yes. Cassis just wanted to tell you that I am still open to work with both of you. She is open to any deals I willing to work with you. Small talk of having to deal with Rachel on slop and what a terror she will be. Cassi leaves. Jordan does not want to get rid of her. Jeff says I know but if we don’t we are switching sides. They will kill us if we keep her. They list the names who will be after them if they keep Cassi. Jordan says if they could get everyone on our side we could get them (RB) out(thank you jordo). Jordan says, why does she have to come up here now I don’t want to deal with it. RB can be seen on the tv walking up. Rachel says she is sorry. Jeff says you shouldn’t have done it but tells them they are good. But know you have to be on slop on 2 weeks.
They joke about unless she wins hoh and then she can eat stuff in her basket. They start to discuss who has to go the next week and afraid that Lawon could win the hoh next week. The start to talk about the comp(too much to type and would not make sense). Jodan says she didn’t think she was that far behind. Jeff says you weren’t but she was taking her time and the guys were hussling.

Brenden says that need to check with Adam to be sure he doesn’t flip again. Jordan asks will Posche vote Cassi out. Rachel says, HELL YES. They think Dom is down there rallying the troupes .B  ays what troupes (has a point). Back and forth on Lawon and Kalia the order they need to do things etc….. They know they have Kalia and they can snow her till next week and then put them up. Brenden says, they are so stupid and can’t think one week ahead.

Cassi talkig to Shelly. She is telling Shelly what she told JJ and she is sticking to her deal. Cassi does not want to leave this house with Porsche, Kalia, Law still in here. If she gets to the end andJJ still in,
she can leave with her head up high.   And here come the fishes


4:30pm BBT

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