‘Big Brother’ 2011 Episode 4 Recap: Eviction from July 14


This Big Brother 2011 recap comes from episode 4 on July 14. This was the first eviction from Big Brother 13, despite the fact that Evel Dick already left the show due to what was called “a personal emergency.” The episode started out with a recap of what had taken place to lead to this point and then focused a lot on the relationship between Rachel and Brendon. That segment might have grown too long for many viewers, showing that Brendon felt Rachel was embarrassing him in the house and how he had to pout because of it.

Coming into the July 14 episode of Big Brother 13, it was the duo of Keith and Porsche at risk of going home. After Rachel and Brendon won the Power of Veto, they kept the nominations the same for Thursday. The house was pretty split on whom to vote for though, meaning that the eviction could have ended up being pretty surprising in the end. It became much more interesting than all the unanimous voting that took place during Big Brother 12. CBS would only have 12 people left on the show after Thursday night though.

Before they got to the vote though, a message from Evel Dick was played for the houseguests. He talked about why he felt he needed to leave the game, but skirted around the issue without ever giving any real facts. The houseguests are not closer to learning why he is out of the house than they were earlier in the week. After a quick discussion it was time to vote on the eviction.

Dominic voted to evict Porsche and then Brendon voted to evict Keith. Jordan voted to evict Keith and then Cassi voted for Porsche to make it 2-2 before they went to a commercial break during the voting. The first person to vote when they came back was Lawon, who voted to evict Porsche. Jeff then voted for Keith, Daniele voted for Keith, and Adam voted for Porsche. That left the votes at 4-4 with just two houseguests left to announce their intentions. Kalia then came in and voted for Keith, and was followed by Shelly who also voted for Keith.

By a vote of 6-4, Keith became the second houseguest to leave Big Brother 2011. It also meant that Porsche was given a Golden Key and advanced into the top 10 at the end of the episode. Keith was pretty surprised to be voted out of the house, but he probably should have seen this coming.

That took the episode to the second HOH competition of the season. Rachel, Daniele, and Porsche were not allowed to play, leaving just eight competitors going for HOH. The challenge was miniature golf based, with each houseguest getting one chance to get their ball into one of 18 holes. They were all marked with point values, with the lowest score winning (golf style). Kalia and Dominic were tied for the lead with just three people left to go. At that point Jordan took a big lead on everyone, with just Jeff and Brendon left to go.

Jeff and Brendon both threw the HOH competition, giving Jordan the win and allowing the duo of Jeff and Jordan to take the HOH room. Now Jordan will have to nominate two people for eviction, with the revelation of those nominations coming on the Sunday, July 17 episode.

What did you think of episode 4? Will Jordan be a better HOH than Rachel?

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