Big Brother 12 Updates: Rachel and her DRAMA 8:10 PM BBT Thurs 7-14-11


Big Brother 12 Updates: Rachel and her DRAMA 8:10 PM BBT Thurs 7-14-11


Tarot room. Rachel and Shelly go in there (I think they shut the door) Shelly is telling her that she voted Kieth
out and telling her that she still has R’s back. Shelly goes on to say she doesn’t know what is her partner is doing. Sells Cassi down the river.

They only stay in there a few minutes. And then they leave.

Shelly and Adam go into the tarot room and she is telling him that he needs to chill out and zip it. R Dani open the door and see them so they leave. Shelly asks him did you throw the comp. Adams says no. He repeats what he said earlier, but she says well don’t try to back out of what you said because it will look  bad. But play the game for you. He tells her that he told Dom that he thinks they will be nominated.

RB were in the bathroom. He pissed her off (sorry missed the convo) and she is pissed and she says she is
going upstairs and walks up to the chess. She says she spent the whole week talking about Porsche…I am sorry, but I am supposed to feel sorry for Cassi?. He says, Rachel you cant do this. She says that Cassi is going to everyone and is telling them that R is against her and going after her. He asks, who. She says Dani. She goes on to say that everyone talked bad about Porsche. B says she doesn’t need to defend Porshe. (listen to him Rachel) She is whining that we are partners and she was only defending someone that was being picked on (excuse me?) Brenden start the
lecture about his concerns about coming back to the house. She begs him to leave her alone up there. He says
no. She says there is nothing wrong with sticking up for people. He says there isn’t but she needs to step back. Porsche comes up to play chess with Rachel. R now tells Porsche everything about Cassi. Porsche asks her did Shelly say anything bad about me. R says no. Porsche says is it too early to tell everyone that she is gunning for the ones that came after me? They giggle. Not catching everything. But a lot of trash talk about Cassi . P is talking about someone told her that they were all supposed to vote that way..and then laughs.

HN room Cassi and Dom talking. Saying that Adam already has 5 votes. He says I have nothing. They talk about Law and asking if he was part of it. They don’t think so. Dom says that I only trust you and Shelly. At first I only trusted you, but after talking to Shelly tonight, I think she is a straight shooter.(may want to rethink that) She doesn’t think Shelly threw it because she really wanted to see photos (NOT).  Talk about Cassi’s friend back home. Dom thinks they were on top with the numbers but now they are at the bottom. Dom says that you know that it is going to be you or me. Do you think he really tried tonight. He doesn’t know why he even came on the show if all you are going to do is be a fan of the show ( I think she was talking about Adam).

Shelly and Jordan go into the metal room. Shelly is sucking up to Jordan big time. Telling how great she is and
played the game. Shelly is throwing R under the bus now and both agree what she did was wrong. Shelly is goes on to tell her how great Jordo is and she and her family deserver great things. They walk back to the kitchen. Jordan says they can talk more when she get up in the hoh room. Everyone appears to be in the kitchen now. (well that is where all the feeds are anyway.

Fish come out for a second. Back to the kitchen. And fish for another second. And back to the kitchen.

Bathroom. Shelly and Cassi are talking. Cassi says we have to fight or they are going to be picking us off one
by one. Shelly is telling her she doesn’t not want her to cry. Gives her the big pep talk and tells her she totally has her back (spare me).

Cassi is saying that she gets Kalia selling out, but for Adam, (she thinks Adams voted out Keith) Talk of the votes
that is SC go up that Shelly has the votes and if AD are up then Adam will have the votes. Cassi says that I
feel bad for Dom because I have you and you have my back (bad move)…and to know that your partner does not have your back (Please let me slap Cassi to reality)……fish.

Jordan and Brenden in the pop room talking about the cargo pants. He tells her at least she can sleep in the hoh bed. She says this bed is ok (she is laying in her bed) Brenden asks Jordan if she knew what Rachel did . She says yes but she hasn’t had a chance to talk to her. Brenden says that she felt bad for Porsche because she was being treated like she was treated last year. Someone popped in—sorry I missed it. Then Jordan thanks Brenden for letting her win and he leaves.

9:00pm BBT

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