Big Brother 12 Updates: Keith talks to Dani 7:30 PM BBT Wed 7-13-11


Big Brother 12 Updates: Keith talks to  Dani 7:30 PM BBT Wed 7-13-11




7:30pm BBT

HN room Keith asks Dani go to the HN room. He is telling her what he gold CS about Dom and that he offered up Adam to the “others” to strike a deal. He interrupts him to give her something. Then he tells her that they were all on the same page that they wanted Porsche out and were voting her out. And then yesterday they were flip flopping
and trying to make deals. He is only telling her because she is real. Goes on to tell her that the others are saying they don’t want to be a “target”. Dom Adamd walk in and interrupt them.  Dani tells him he should take a showers.  Banter back and forth. Dom says to her, is that the way you flirt with people?….she says yes. He leaves and Keith thinks Cassi and Dom are together and Dani says they are in love.

Keith tells her of the convo Cassi had with Jeff. He goes on to tell her that he is only telling her because she is real and he would never put her up. Dani tells him that Dom told JJ that he is putting them up. Keith does not believe it. He thinks someone else said that. She swear that is what Dom said, do you think I am lying? Keith goes on to say
he made a one week deal with RB…that’s it. He tells her that Kala already sold out.

the lockdown is over.   We see a shot of Adam walking outside and……..then we get palms

 We come back at 7:55pm and they have what appears to be a strange kinda of racquet ball. Brenden Adam playing. Jeff is on the machine. All the girls are on the couches. Not sure where Dom, Keith and Law are.

Rachel asks Porsche if she is going to paint her nails…..(sounds like she said she would earlier) Porsch says I wasn’t
but I can.

2 feeds go to the bathroom and Keith and Law are talking. Law says that they wont cut a deal. Keith asks did they
say anything, he says no… few words about , after everything we talked about yesterday (???). and they leave and go outside.



And I am done for the night…Need to rest for the big day tomorrow.





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