‘Big Brother’: Rachel Nominates Porsche and Keith for Eviction, But Will it Stick?


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It’s been an eventful few days for Big Brother, with an unexpected exit and even more complicated twists and turns (the Golden Key). After Thursday’s premiere, it was clear the house was divided: the new houseguests versus the three all-star pairs. How did it all pan out?

Golden Key Changes the Game

Houseguests were still figuring out how the Golden Key would change their strategies on how they played the game. The rules (the houseguest not evicted from the chopping block each week for four weeks gets the Key, but cannot compete in the Head of Household competitions until 10 are left) made some second guess themselves, while others (notably Lawon) seemed to welcome the new “ultimate floater” tool. Evel Dick starts hammering out a strategy to Big Brother vets Jeff and Jordan: take out strong players and keep the weak ones of the new crop.

Meanwhile, Evel Dick and Daniele don’t air out their dirty laundry, even though Evel Dick claims he hasn’t spoken to his daughter in three years since winning Big Brother 8. According to Evel Dick, if the two were always in the Big Brother house, their relationship would be golden. Duo Porsche and Keith think through their next move, which is to get on the “veterans’ good side” since Rachel (current HOH) and Brendon (frequent Power of Veto winner in Big Brother 12) are virtually unstoppable. But Keith isn’t buying Porsche’s pitch — even though he’s nodding and smiling in her face.

Rachel’s HOH room (round bed, big L-shaped couch and filled with baby pictures) is revealed and the houseguests make nice and do the obligatory visit. Not long after, we see Daniele, Evel Dick, Rachel and Brendon scheming about pitting the newbies against each other (because after a week, Daniele says, they’ll get sick of their partners) and spinning it as their safety is “a deal of a lifetime.” Dominic, Cassi, Lawon and Keith (one from each of the new houseguests’ duos) all join up in an alliance “that stays.” Haven’t we heard this one before? Meanwhile, Evel Dick recruits Porsche to be a part of the veterans alliance and she’s obviously aboard, but is this the end of the road for her? Keith tells Dominic and Cassie Porsche telling Evel Dick that she and Keith will vote however the vets wish. Oh brother.

Evel Dick continues to do the dirty work, recruiting Adam to join their side, but Adam is suspicious of the veterans’ motives. Evel Dick says “it’s an offer you can’t refuse,” but Adam isn’t buying it. “I’m coming after you,” Adam says during his Diary Room session. Jordan and Rachel believe Adam is “such a fan” of all the veterans that he’d easily come over to their side. Not so fast.

Rachel ends up nominating Porsche and Keith, but with a houseguest already gone, will it even matter? And how will it affect one group’s game play? Rachel wants Porsche to ultimately stay so she can be used for a vote, but Dominic and company (aka the Regulators) get to work on saving Keith.

Space Cows?

It’s the first have or have not competition of the season and the houseguests have to dive into a vat of milk, soak up as much as they can and their team members must wring out the milk. First time to fill up their jugs will be the haves for the week and won’t be forced to eat the infamous Big Brother slop. The milk “squeezers” go to extreme lengths, especially Keith (he’s grinding his fellow houseguests like there’s no tomorrow). The Blue Team (consisting of Daniele, Dick, Jeff and Jordan) are the first team to finish filling their six jugs. Following them is the Green Team, consisting of Porsche, Keith, Dominic and Adam. Sorry Queen Kalia, guess you’re stuck on slop.

Quote of the Night

  • “There’s no such thing as space cows. If I was a cow, I would definitely not want to be on the moon. That would be weird. I would rather be on the farm with the other cows.” — Jordan

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