Big Brother 13 Premiere: The Favorite Duos Returning Are…


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Big Brother 13 Premiere: The Favorite Duos Returning Are…

July 07, 2011 09:31 AM by Kristin Watson

Big Brother 13 premieres tonight (July 7) and that means we finally get to see what favorite duos are returning to face-off with the eight already-known contestants. CBS is ready to reveal who they’ve chosen and while we’d love to see the top four duos return, we’ll probably get only two. So, who’s it going to be out of Brendon and Rachel, Dr. Will and Mike (“Boogie”), Jessie and Natalie, Evel Dick and Daniele, Jeff and Jordan and Hayden and Enzo? You’ll just have to keep reading to find out what we know…

Okay, we really don’t who out of Brendon and Rachel, Dr. Will and Mike (“Boogie”), Jessie and Natalie, Evel Dick and Daniele, Jeff and Jordan and Hayden and Enzo are going to be brought back as duos during the Big Brother 13 premiere, but we know who we’d like to see make it into the house. We’re going to say there will be a top two based on simple logic, but here’s the break down.

Something tells us Hayden and Enzo will be back. They might not be at the top of our list as schemers, but Enzo was such a character, who doesn’t remember him in the penguin suit? Let’s not forget what winner Hayden brings to the table — a pure game and he’s easy on the eyes. They masterminded a good game and alliance known as the Brigade last season and it was so simple no one saw it coming. They might not have the most devious of minds but it would be fun to see them back.

Evel Dick and Daniele would be a fantastic duo to bring back into the Big Brother 13 house, but so would Dr. Will and Mike (“Boogie:”). This quote from the CBS website says it all: “I love the schemers….bring back Evel Dick or Dr. Will!” Come on, Evel Dick’s Twitter says it all. How much fun it would be to have the father/daughter duo back in our lives for the summer when he has Twitter description that says this: “I’m a joker, I’m smoker, I’m a midnight toker… I’m also that asshole who won Big Brother 8.”

Dr Will and Mike (“Boogie”) are also two very popular repeat house guests. Who doesn’t like watching a sneaky duo that also happens to have a cute rich doctor as a part of it?

We love couples, but do we want to see Brendon and Rachel again. Brendon followed Rachel like a little puppy dog and she was definitely not the most liked in the Big Brother 12 house. Rachel might be cool on her own, but that’s not the case. Plus, we can’t stand to see her hair extensions again. If we’re going to put a couple in the mix let’s go with one that is at least normal – Jeff and Jordan. These guys at least are still together in a functioning relationship that isn’t toxic like Brendon and Rachel. It would be interesting to see Jeff and Jordan work as team and how it would test their current relationship.

Jesese and Natalie fall to the bottom of the list because, let’s face it, who wants to see Jessie? He’s getting to be bore with muscles and ape suits, and no one wants to be watching weeks and weeks of his arrogant attitude.

That’s a lot of Big Brother 13 duo information. Tell us who you want to see back in the house when Big Brother 13 premieres tonight on CBS.

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