Big Brother 13 – Kristen Bitting Explains How She Got on BB


Kristen Bitting recently joined and discussed how she got onto Big Brother 12. The entire session is a hour long where they discus everything from getting on Big Brother to Charlie Sheen’s Tigerblood. I found it interesting that she simply went to a open casting call on her day off and never took the casting process too seriously. She mentions filling out countless application forms but never submitting a casting video.

Here are some excerpts about how Kristen went through the Big Brother Casting process and tips she has for hosueguest hopefuls thinking about going to the Big Brother 13 Open Casting Calls.
Big Brother krietsn bitting

Kristen explains that she wanted to be on the show but never tried TOO hard. One day her mom called her and told her she would be perfect for the show so she attended a open casting call in Philadelphia. It was her day off of work “I didn’t have anything to do and thought it would be cool to audition” She attributes this attitude and the fact she didn’t go overboard in the casting to helping her get on the show. She “Didn’t think too much about it wasn’t nervous”.. “I was myself”. She says she stood in line with hundreds of people she wasn’t scouted for the show nor did she make a video or have a casting agent.

She adds “After the first audition I had no idea that I was going to be on the show then I got called in
for semi finals.. they only gave me vague answer to my inquires on the phone” .. ” didn’t know I was going to be on the show until they literally came to my house and kidnaped me to go”. The entire Big Brother Casting Process took months.

When asked about why she was picked to be on Big Brother she says that prodcution wants the houseguests to bring good television they know the types of people they want before they start casting she just happened to be the person that fit that roll. They knew she was a person that wasn’t going to hold back and take bullshit from anybody, she had a bit of a edge. “If i had to label myself as anything i was all american girl with a edge”. Her radio co host mentions that her amazing good looks must of played a part but Kristen thinks that Big Brother casts people of all shapes and sizes her season just happened to have more attractive people.

Big Brother kristen bitting eating spider
She wasn’t a huge fan of Big Brother but knew that once she went into the Big Brother house everything she would do would be watched on the internet feeds. Still she claims Says she never held back on the show and was herself. When asked about scripting on the show kristen mentions mentions that there was no scripting they gave her some instructions but production lets them do whatever they want. Says that they edit the TV broadcast to make out a story line like any other reality TV show does.

She talks about eating spiders on Big Brother and how she wants to go on survivor… theirs plenty more on the radio show…

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