Big Brother’s Rachel Reilly Joins The Michael Jay On Monday Nights


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Jan 31, 2011 – Studio City, CA (AP) – Hot 105 Jams is an RB and Talk Station that has the popular “Michael Jay Show”, Rachel Reilly from Big Brother 12, will be joining Michael Jay on Monday Nights from 7pm  PST to 11pm PST.  

The Michael Jay Show started two years ago as a small internet station and the station has grown from a very small audience to over 200K listeners.  Michael Jay talks about everything from sex to politics and whatever comes up. Hot 105 is known for playing new music before it gets released to air radio, they are always on the cutting edge when it comes to the hottest music on the radio.  

Rachel Reilly has been on CBS’S Bold and Beautiful and she has appeared on four episodes so far with more to come.  Rachel is now looking to join the summer season of the Amazing Race.  Rachel is sure to bring some flavor to the already crazy staff of the Michael Jay Show.  You can follow Rachel on twitter at and you can listen to the Michael Jay Show at this link (

Hot 105 Jams of Los Angeles will be having a great line of guest host coming in Febuary, so tune in its going to be fun!!!!!!!


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