College Football Week 14: Preview Of The Weeks Most Important Games


The Civil War is one of the top five rivalry games every year, with Oregon spoiling the Beavers’ Rose Bowl hopes in 2008, now the Beavers have the chance to return the favor, as a win puts the Ducks in the National Championship.

Oregon State has had a down year this season in comparison to the previous two seasons, as they are 4-4 in the Pac-10 and 5-6 overall.

The Beavers have, however, shown the ability to beat good teams this season, as they beat USC two weeks ago sending them out of the Top 25 and No. 23 Arizona early on in the season. Still, they have lost to TCU, Boise State and Stanford this season, making Oregon the sixth ranked team they have faced this season.

Oregon State must have everything go right for them in order to win over their in-state rivals, and the Ducks would have to play their worst game of the season.

The Beavers are going up against the highest scoring offense in the nation, and with their defense being average at best, it is going to be tough for them to take down the Ducks.


What’s on the Line?

For Oregon, everything is on the line, as a loss would put them at 11-1, making their case to stay in the National Championship Game glum. It would be difficult for people to accept Oregon in the game over TCU if Oregon has one loss to Oregon State, while TCU is undefeated, and beat Oregon State earlier this season.

For Oregon State, there is the possibility of making it into a bowl game, as they would become bowl eligible with a win, plus they would have the glory of ending their rivals’ bid for their first title in school history.


“Expert” Prediction

As much as I want to see the Beavers build a dam in front of the Ducks season, it doesn’t seem likely. Too much offense for Oregon State to deal with, and the Ducks win in a blowout.


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