Watch This: ‘Big Brother 12’ Contestant Brendon’s Naked Photo Scandal


OMG! This is the most hilarious thing I’ve seen in WEEKS. The video is EPIC.

The patheticness that is Brendon Villegas from Big Brother 12 made this apology video to his crazy, tequila-lovin showmance girlfriend Rachel Reilly. Apparently, he was chatting with three different random chicks online and sent naked photos of himself to all of them.

The one girl, Molly Shephard, sent them into the cyber world for everyone to see, thus “ruining his life.” He claims that she threatened to blackmail him if he didn’t send a video of himself. He then precedes to explain that he had “cyber sex” with the girls and “emotionally cheated on Rachel.”

Molly tweeted, “grainy pictures once i get them…he cheats on Rachel with ME.” Then she linked photos of his penis and tweeted,” Here is the first…about six more to go.” 

I gagged three times a week as I watched him follow her around the house like a puppy all summer. But, this! He wants to spend the “rest of his life” making it up to her. He wants to see a counselor. He cries his way through an 8-minute video.

“I really do think we are soul mates,” he tearfully says. “I prayed for the first time in I don’t know how many years last night. I love you with all my heart.”

Ahh! I can’t get over this. Dude, a public apology? No, just no. And the details? Not needed. Though, they are entertaining. Maybe I’m just cold-hearted, but this is just…there are no words.

You think he lost his swim coach job yet?

You NEED to watch this!


Here are some of his tweets about the incident before he deleted his account. I won’t post the pics in question. But, there is no doubt that it’s him and I’m sure you can dig them up if you want. They aren’t hard to find….

@J0rdan0re0 Thank u Jordan. I need help from God more than ever

Forgive me please. I am stupid and an idiot. If I could take it back
I would in a heartbeat.

Please don’t ever deface Rachel’s name because of what I did. I
publicly embarrassed her and she is an amazing girl. I messed up big

@Divadutchess She is the girl I have always dreamed of having. Now I
have messed it up and cannot undo it. My heart is broken and I did it.

I will be posting an apology video soon and then I will be leaving
Twitter for good. Thank u for the support. Rachel does deserve better.

I disgraced rachel and I am sorry to all. I had a skype relationship
w/ another. I have never slept w/ anyone else no matter what Crazy says

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